the man behind the brushes

Photo Michael Brian

JSterling is a New York based makeup artist and educator / lecturer on the subject of beauty and inspiration. His work has appeared in countless regional, national and international magazines. He has worked with a diverse range of celebrities including Liam Neeson, Mandy Moore, Natasha Henstridge, Robin Tuney, Vivian Green and Kherington Payne to name a few.


JSterling has worked in all aspects of the beauty industry. As a licensed professional, he has worked as a hair stylist, esthetician, makeup artist and is a New York State certified instructor.


As an educator, he has been adamant about giving back to an industry that has been so very kind to him. Over the course of his career many talented experts have generously given of their time and insights. Increasingly the beauty industry and its connected fields have been pushed into the spotlight earning much deserved respect. He believes when the spotlight turns to us we must be professional and meet the challenge.


He strongly believes in the transformative power of makeup. However, the transformation does not stop at the physical transformation. Beyond the promise that comsetics offer exists their true impact. That is on empowering the individual, enhancing self-esteem and promoting a sense of well-being. To truly go beyond the bounds of beauty.

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