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My work is only as good as the photographers who capture and light it. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to have worked with the following talented indiviuals over the course of my career. I thank you all.


Ali Smith                             Augusta Butera                Isabella Garcia                   Gerhard Yurkovic            Gian Andrea-di Stenfano
David Yellen                       Gen Nishino                      Thom Gilbert                       LuQman                             Damian Sandone
William Heuberger            Mick Rock                         John-Francis Bourke         Lisa Houlgrave                Peter Lueders
Michael Brian                     Ellen Silverman                Quinto                                 Paul Schefz
Fiorenzo Borghi                 Stan Shaffer                    Jon Moe                              Jo Lance

Notable Faces


II have worked with thousands of people over the course of my career. Here are some of the memorable ones.


Andrea McArdel                    Gloria Gaynor                   Natasha Lyonee                 Beth Ostrosky
Anthony Ruivavar                Jason Gould                     Mandy Moore                       Vendela 
Bobby Flay                          Kathleen Battle                Robin Tuney                        Vivian Green
Carnie Wilson                      Kelly Osbourn                  Roshumba Williams            Joe Pantolinano
Chris Noth                           Liam Neeson                    Sharon Lawrence
Christopher Rice                 Marilu Henner                   Kherington Payne

Edward James Olmos         Natasha Henstrich          Tracey Ullman

All images are copyright protected 2016. All images represent both makeup and hair by JSterling.

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